This was the fourth time Simon Brooke had held a boink at his house over the weekend of the Spring bank holiday.

For many on it's the highlight of the year. We're certainly all grateful to Simon and Juliette for turning their house and Garden over to a bunch of assorted weirdos and nutters for the weekend.

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For most of us the Saturday was taken up with "raising the roof" which was described by Simon thus: The woodlands project of which I'm a trustee has a not-quite-finished log cabin. However, we also have hectares of new trees to plant so all the volunteer labour we get goes into looking after trees and not finishing the roof on the cabin. Half a dozen people could easily finish it in half a day; if people are interested it would be a quite fun thing to do in great scenery with a sense of achievement at the end of it.

As it turned out the "Half a dozen people could easily finish it in half a day" bit was a bit optimistic but perhaps he forgot that the participants would all be highly intelligent, creative, geeks when he wrote it. Actually we got the 2 sides visible from the road done so we didn't do that badly.

Zareh and Mousy unload essential roofing equipment from Simon's car.

Gill prepares to start fixing roofing felt for the first boards.

Zareh, Rick, Charles, Richard and Gill trying to look tough and competent cutting up bits of wood. I think Gill is probably succeeding best. In the second photo Marianne, me and Charles are monitoring progress and in the third Photo me, Paul and Nick are monitoring progress.

Simon and Dave putting a plank in place on the roof.

Meanwhile Stu played working music to encourage us all. Gill and Charles are actually working on the roof at this point, Rick Ferret and Simon are looking on.

Meanwhile Ferret tries to maximise his sunburn and Beth photographs a particularly interesting log with the camera she'd bought by accident the previous week.

It seems the whole exercise was just too shocking for Susan.

The boink was not just about building roofs though......

During a tour of various castles and other historic buildings in the area Nev took advantage of a kissing gate to take advantage of Beth.

Ferret and Dave, I expect the latter is going to get plonked by the former for this.

Simon taking a photo of Rae taking a photo of Simon taking a photo of Rae.... No boink is complete without at least one picture like this.

Zareh shows off his natural beauty to it's best advantage.

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