All these pictures were "grabbed" from video shot at the boink.

Julie holding MorganJulie and Morgan Bennett. Morgan looks like she's developing a dislike for video cameras already.

Mousie and ThingyMousie does her impression of Churchill.

Various snuglies walking on a cliff top.On Sunday morning the less active boinkers and those who wanted to go gliding went on a short cliff top walk. Pictures are Beth, Doug, James, Marianne, Nick, Mousie and Thingy.

Marianne gazing into the distance.Marianne gazing in the distance contemplating the meaning of life. Actually she's sitting still 'cos she thinks she's out of shot and I'm filming Mousie and Thingy

Beth being strapped into a glider.Beth "Biggles" Bibby has her seat belt fastened ready to soar majestically into the sky. Or she's tied in so she can't bottle out and escape...

Glider being winched into the sky.Take off! The glider is winched into the sky. Launched this way the glider climbs to 1000 feet in about 30 seconds, faster than and F-15.

Lizzy and MenyaMenya the high priestess orders a minion to kiss her feet.

Marc and Lizzy"If you can't see the camera the camera can't see you".

Lizzy and dog."Look at this giant hand puppet I've just found".

Toby Beth and AndrewBeth expounds upon "The great nipple incident" to Toby and Andrew.

James KempJames explains the importance of "Tartan Special" to the culinary process.

Don and JamesDon and James embark on a poppadum eating contest. Note the can of Beer James has "hidden" behind the curtain.

The bottle playing trio.Beth and Toby seem singularly unimpressed by Andrew, Marc and Nev's "Serenade on empty beer bottles".

MArk, Nev, Lizzy and Charles.I know Radio 1 is here somewhere.

Group hugBoinks are all about bonding with the other members of the group, what better way to do it than a group hug? Don, Feef, Julie Simon? Chris.

Dr PeteAfter lunch on Sunday Dr Pete (I think that was what he was called), one of Kay's acolytes, went to sleep on the grass. I was threatened with a fate worse than death if I shoved the camera up his nose.

Dr Pete's noseSo I did anyway.

MarianneMarianne smiling at a particularly riveting story Paul Carpenter was telling about describing video cameras over the phone.

Fifi massageing FerretOne of the more unusual food preparation techniques used at the boink.

Sharon throwing pizza dough.Sharon about to waste a perfectly good batch of pizza dough by throwing it over my shoulder.

Sharon kissing FerretAhhhh.

Nev filming me.Yes this is silly.

Close up of Nev's cameraThis is even sillier.

James and MorganJames Kemp with his new girlfriend.

Group massageAnother bonding activity, this time group massage, Marc, Lizzy and Feef.

Don and FeefDon wanted to look his best for the camera.

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