Auchenboink, the Sound

As promised here is the first selection of sound clips taken from my video tapes of Auchenboink98, all context order etc. has of course been carefully removed.

Simon: It's Sharon's erection that's keeping us all amused.

Sharon: Right, I've stripped that's fine.

Ferret: Where shall I insert this pole.

Sharon: Over in the obvious hole.

Ferret: Do you want it like that.

Sharon: Go on, put your end in.

Ferret: You want me to push, yes?.

Sharon: He's got it in! Congratulations he's got it in.

Ferret: You can feel around until you find a gap.

Sharon: You've got it in there. Oh you haven't! No you haven't! Put in it the thingy, put it in the hole, put it in the end.

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Copyright © 1998 David Reid