Camboink and Camboink 97 having been deemed a success, Dave Hough organised the same again for 1998.

Charles and Andrew discuss the plans for the day.

Dan and Jill eating icecream while waiting for a punt.

Dave punting Doug down the Cam, Andrew and Charles are in the front out of shot.

Me punting Toby and Brian down the Cam. Jill was holding the camera at this point as I can't yet punt and film.

As before we picnicked at Grantchester Meadows, Jill remembered the Chicken this time! Although Dan suggested This is the emergency stand-by chicken.

There was plenty of food to go round so the swans got some too. Surprisingly Dave still had all his fingers afterwards.

Cheers! Neil has been lurking on for a few weeks now, he decided to come along and find out what we were really like before posting. Definitely one to keep, although as Dave pointed out He's no fun to video is he? He doesn't mind it.

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