There were two purposes to this boink, firstly to listen to classical music and secondly to view Dave's new "Girlfriend," Susan.

I didn't think a video camera would go down well in a concert hall so all these were taken in the pub during the afternoon. Unfortunately the pub was not wonderfully well lit so the quality is not all it could be. It looks better on the video, edited highlights of which will probably be shown at a boink near you sooner or later. Along with highlights of several other boinks.

As meeting Susan was a primary purpose of the boink here are three pictures of her.

Dave and Susan

Susan seems to have him under control already: I'm trying to disrupt your evil ways.

Susan was hiding behind Zareh until he moved, she seems to have developed a dislike for video cameras already. For moving Zareh got his picture taken.

Susan was not actually a boink virgin but the only boinks she had attended were in America and consisted mainly of Americans so don't really count. She certainly hadn't gone through the initiation ceremony, part of which is shown above. The following sound clip accompanies it: Eee-ooo

Richard turned up after everyone else and was given a present by Susan on behalf of Marianne. Neither of them would say what it was and he opened it while the camera was pointing the other way, from which I assume it was Chocolate Body Paint from Good Vibrations. It was this present that prompted: You've lost a thingy and You've lost your thingy, although not: Yes, pass it round so we can give an opinion as to whether it should be passed round or not oddly enough.

At various times both Susan and Lynda got hold of the camera and filmed me, here's the results just to prove being filmed doesn't hurt really.

Lynda also filmed Charles.

The ring, what it was all about really.

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