The Raw Sound of Snuggling

You've read the reports, you've seen the pictures, now hear the sounds of real boinks happening!

OK, so the title implies that these sounds have been ripped from the living bodies of boinks when in fact they have been carefully selected, Toby, labeled, Matin and reviewed, Hob.

So what is the sound of a boink happening? Of course they don't all sound like that all the time. Sometimes they sound like this.

The next question of course is what happens at a boink? Marc, Dave.

Boinks are can also be a good place to learn about local traditions and customs: Zarah, -Marc, Lizzy, Ariel, Lizzy. However later Zarah admitted.

A lot of people like to catch up on the latest gossip: Jill, Dan, Mousetrap.

Boinks can also be educational: Don and Wendy. It seems to have helped laughter although Sharon doesn't seem so sure. As usual Charles has his own Solution.

Some activities are perhaps best not investigated: Ferret, Graham, Fifi.

So, if you come to a boink what sort of things should you bring with you? Simon, Doug. Of course whatever you bring, be careful what you do with it: Worlock, Nev.

A final word of advice from Steve.

At this point you're probably wondering what I think about all this (and more to the point why do I seem to have "forgotten" to include my own voice), so here it is.

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Copyright © 1998 David Reid