Susan and Dave's Wedding

Susan VanValkenburg married Dave Hough on 10th April 1999, here's the first set of stills hastily grabbed off the video.

Shortly before the ceremony, the guests have taken their seats, the organisers are settled into comfortable level of panic.

Susan's mother, she looks just like Susan only slightly older.

Lucy, head organiser, discusses last minute details with the registrar.

"I Susan Louise VanValkenburg....."

"You may now kiss the bride"

The best chick and best man pretend to be the happy couple, actually they're signing the register.

The other registrar hands the certificate to Susan.

Afterwards we all went outside and milled.

Photos were taken.

The best man, anticipating his speech, got in some dutch courage.

The bride poses with her real boyfriend.

Richard Letts and Stu Bronstein talk geekery.

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