Menya, Marianne and Chris were about to return to North America which seemed like a good excuse for a boink. The Rookery on Streatham Common was chosen by Menya as the venue.

The group assembles itself in the shade of a tree. Back row, left to right: Sharon, Nuala, Menya, Laura, Claire (behind Laura), James, Dan (behind James), Charles, Jill, Graham, Toby, Ferret (standing), Matin (behind Ferret and Dave), Dave. Foreground: Chris, Richard, Marianne.

James brought his new girlfriend Laura along (rather bravely I thought, given that she doesn't own a computer let alone read She must be mad as she seemed completely unfazed be it all. I pointed my camera at her and she immediately hated me, further proof that she's OK.

Marianne is far to good at keeping quiet and not getting noticed, with the result that I didn't get much film of her, this is one of the better stills. You can tell she's Texan, it's a lovely hot day and she still has her cardigan on.

Nuala, she won't like this one at all. It has a sound clip to go with it: "You're not filming me discussing why I don't like cameras, OK. It's just not going to happen."

Claire Little, no problems finding the boink despite not knowing what anyone else looked like.

Ferret covers Menya's eyes whilst Sharon unfolds the quilt she has made as a wedding present for Menya and Pete. Menya is making things difficult by a) being bigger than him (not hard) and b) tickling him.

Mousie and Thingy were up to their usual antics for which they should have received a bucket of cold water. However a bag containing a small amount of water from some melted ice cubes was all that was available.

One of the more surprising atendees was Jill's legendary chicken, and very good it was too.

Linda the lurker, trying to look unfazed by the camera.

At about 5pm we left the rookery and moved to a nearby pub (the greyhound?). Rick turned up shortly afterwards, he had some feeble excuse for not turning up earlier involving shopping.

Sharon and Ferret, some people just can't take their eyes off each other. Better than not being able to take their hands off each other I suppose.

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