A boink organised in honour of Ferret passing through the town on his way back to Scotland from dahn sarf.

Unfortunately the pub was not wonderfully well lit so the quality is not all it could be. It looks better on the video, edited highlights of which will probably be shown at a boink near you sooner or later. Along with highlights of several other boinks.


Fenny was quite right to be concerned about what Nev was up to behind her.

Ferret, yellow shirt Ferret, blue shirt and waistcoat

Ferret, who always likes to be at the cutting edge of fashion, changed his shirt halfway through the boink.

Lizzie and Loretta

I couldn't possibly reveal what Loretta had just said to Lizzie...

Lizzie looking at mobile phone Nev using mobile phone

...Or indeed what text message Nev had just sent her.

Surfer and Lizzie looking mysterious and oriental

As we were at an Indian restaurant Surfer and Lizzie tried to get into the spirit of things by trying an eastern look.


Surfer seemed strangely reluctant to be filmed but I managed to get one shot of her.

Nev with a flower between his teeth.

Nev showed us how he keeps his teeth both clean and floral scented.

There are a few sound clips too:

Ferret and me: So where's the little light? There's the little light. Oh, OK, just making sure I know whether it's on or not.

Lizzie: Catch them doing something wicked.

Loretta and Lizzie: It's not the same as the real thing though is it? It's slightly better on the grounds that I can breathe.

Nev: She can manage to get one hand free from the handcuffs.

Maxine: It's flashing through your finger.

A Nonny Mouse: Go on Loretta whip 'em off.

Lizzie: AHHhhh.

And finally a few quotes that didn't make it onto tape:

Lizzy: He's only got one hole and I'm not going there.

Loretta: I couldn't pull anything.

Loretta: You've seen me naked now, there's no mystery left.
Lizzy: Yes but only from the waist up.

Lizzy: I am an aficionado of Wakefield gents loos.

Fenny: Nev's screwing his attachments in.

Lizzy: That's the brightest flash I've seen in a long time.

Lizzy: You're not platting Nev's thing are you?

Nev: I'll make you Jewish if you want.

Lizzy: I snort olbas oil. Don't get that thing out.

Lizzy: One at a time boys.

Loretta: Come on over here if you think you're hard enough.
Max: Shouldn't that be the other way round?

Nev, looking at Lizzy: I'll get my leg over this way.

Ferret: All I can say Loretta is you don't know what a stroppy bird is.

Lizzy: You're quite hot aren't you.

Lizzy: Don't be messing with any knobs, that thing might go off, and I'll be under the table in no time.

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