Car Restoration

A brief photographic record of the restoration of my 1961 Morris Minor.

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Sometime in 1995 my sister announced her engagement to her then boyfriend Paul, She also announced that she wanted to use my 1961 Morris Minor, known as Amelia Jane, as her wedding car. I had been given the car as an 18th birthday present in 1990 with the intention of restoring it but at this point it was still sitting on the drive rusting.

Rusty car I actually started work in august 1996, this photo was taken shortly after she was pulled out of the bushes and plonked in the middle of the drive where I could get at her.

Horific rust Once I had pulled her out I started to find out what needed to be done, it was not a pretty sight.

More rust As I started to dismantle things more and more rust appeared. Interestingly the rust was generally confined to the important structural parts of the car.

After much welding This is a similar view to the second one above but the other side and looking a bit more healthy. All the black bits are new.

Big hole where wheel, wing, and inner wing should be As is traditional with such projects, there's always about half the work still to do right up to the last minute. This was two weeks before the wedding.

Masked up and sprayed with grey primer The wedding was on Saturday morning, this was Wednesday evening, all the mechanical components are on and I'd just sprayed the primer, I sprayed the top coat the next day. Dads compressor broke down halfway through the first coat so I wasted several hours hiring a replacement, but I didn't panic. I was beyond panic by that time.

Scene of devastation This was taken just after Amelia Jane had moved off the drive for the first time in 7 years. Work was completed at about 5pm on Friday evening, the wedding was 12:30 the next day so I'd finished with a whole 19 1/2 hours to spare, loads of time, I don't know why I was worrying really.

Three shiney moggies with ribbons on The morning of wedding, and the devastation of the night before has miraculously disappeared! The cars are all ready to take everyone to the church, the other 2 were provided by friends.

4 moggies and a TR2 Just to be different the reception took place on a narrowboat. This one was taken just after everyone had arrived at Sutton Cheney Wharf, the interloper is the best mans TR2. I'll do a better version of this at some point, this one was scanned from a screwed-up photocopy enlargement of a print.

Quite a few people who find this page seem to be looking for information or parts while restoring their own Morris Minor. The best place to look is probably the Morris Minor Owners Club site which contains links to technical information, parts suppliers and owners clubs in other countries.


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