Inca Trail GPS data

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Trail map

A cleaned up version of my GPS tracklog combined with selected waypoints. Click the cameras to see pretty pictures, use your browsers back button if you want to get back here.

Clickable Inca Trail Map

Trail profile

Also taken from my GPS tracklog, elevation plotted against distance along trail. The vertical and horizontal scales are not the same, the mountains wouldn't look nearly so impressive if they were. The black line is sea level and I've thrown in Ben Nevis and Stoke Golding for comparison.

Height profile of Mollapata Inca Trail

Raw data

If you want to play with the raw GPS data here it is:

Compressed GPS TrackMaker format (95k): 2004raw.gz
Waypoint+ text format (624k): 2004raw.txt

GPS TrackMaker is a free program for transferring data between PC and GPS and manipulating it, it can be downloaded from Waypoint+ is an older program that doesn't seem to be being developed anymore, however many other programs can read its files and as they are in a fairly simple CSV format they are quite convenient for loading into a spreadsheet.

Home Travel 2004

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