Mongolia 1997

Another one I was going to do more of, here's three pictures I grabbed of the video with the video editor I'd just acquired.

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The first night in Mongolia was in a modern hotel in the capital, Ulaan Baatar. The next day we drove south to our first ger camp which was nestling at the foot of some hills. After supper we went for a short walk into the hills.

The next day we carried on south to Kharkhorin (once known as Karakorum, Gengis Khan's capital). We stopped for lunch just outside the town and ended up sharing it with several black kites and a dog, the dark streak in the centre of the picture is one of the kites.

This is a bus that took us from Ulaan Baatar to The Gobi desert, it's Russian and used to belong to the Mongolian environment department (I think) with whom it travelled all over Mongolia.

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