Leeds ShedMeet

A few photos of some of the inmates of uk.rec.sheds getting together on 18th April 1998

Junior shedders on hands and kneesThe afternoon kicked off with training exercises for the junior shedders. Here they can be seen demonstrating there skills at covert tqt acquisition, handy now that most local council tips operate non removal policies.

Amynthas lighting the barbie, watched by Bob.The real purpose of the event was the consumption of barbecued food. Bob is supervising Amynthas's sausage turning technique.

Bob eating chicken.Bob prepares to tuck into an entire plate of turkey legs.

Wayne dismantleing the lardrover.The next activity was a "gentle" drive across Ilkley moor in Waynes lardrover. He prepared the vehicle for this by removing most of it. Apparently this makes it easier to get out quickly if anything bad happens.

Wayne putting on his wellies.Wayne then prepared himself by putting on several extra layers of clothing and his wellies

Shedders admiring stone cross.On top of Ilkley moor the bold shedders stopped to admire a stone cross. From now on to be known as Bob's slash.

jOHN just after leaving the lardroverA trip across Ilkley moor in a lardrover can have quite an effect on some people as jOHN demonstrates.

Bingley 5 rise.After crossing the moor we stopped to look at Bingley 5 rise, a magnificent piece of Yorkshire engineering.

4 shedders at the top of the locksBill, Kay, Wayne and jOHN at the top of Bingley 5 rise. I know it's not very clear, it was shot at dusk on 1/500 from about 200yds away.

Group photo.Everybody left at about 10pm Saturday. From left to right: Bob, Wayne, jOHN, Bill, Amynthas, Ben the cat, Dewey, Me.

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