Manchester Sheedmoot 13th May 2000

The moot started off in the Mark Addy pub before moving to the Yang Sing restaurant for dinner and finally petering out in the Hogshead. Much pisip was spoken in all three places.

Linz, Crool Nurse Linz, as she appeared on her Crool Nurse's ID card.

Bill Musket Bill's reaction to the picture...

...and Dewey's.

Jon Thompson Jon demonstrating that although we grow older in body our minds don't always keep up. Especially after 6 pints of Hero.

Thomas Rushton Thomas trying to guess the identity of the mystery object.

Gaz Kelly Gaz Kelly, explaining how a mouse convinced him to become a veggie.

Sarah Sarah, Thomas's other half, tried hard to avoid the camera but was eventually caught by Jon (whose camera work was impressive considering the amount he'd had to drink by then) in the Yang Sing.

Linz and Jon Linz explains TURP to Jon in rather more detail than he was comfortable with.

Linz Documentary evidence of the existence of Linz's levver trousies.

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