A small selection of photos of the place I grew up.

These photos were taken on the 8th January 1999 at the request of then girlfriend. We met online, she is American and had never visited Britain so wanted to see what Stoke Golding looked like. In order to show her I went out with my video camera, took various shots of bits I thought she might like and then came home and transferred stills to my PC to be Emailed to her. If I remember rightly this was one mornings work, and I doubt I got up all that early, so the resulting pictures are not so much a comprehensive study of the village as a rough snap shot of the village on one average dull January day. I wouldn't have put them up here but quite a few people seem to have found my pages whilst looking for information about Stoke and at the time there wasn't really anything better. However Stoke Golding now has an official homepage Which contains a lot more information about the village and some much better pictures.

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Whitemoors Close Whitemoors Close, I'm standing on the drive outside our house looking up the close, the house is out of shot to the left and Whitemoors Road is behind me.

Roseway Roseway. Whitemoors Road, which in turn leads to Whitemoors Close, goes off to the right at the point where the road starts to go up again.

The White Swan pub The White Swan pub, opposite the end of Roseway. The oldest pub in the village, this was apparently where the navies came to drink when building the Ashby Canal.

St. Margarets Church St. Margaret's Church. This is the Church of England Parish church, it's fairly big for the size of the village, some previous lord of the manor must have had a guilty conscience. The spire was removed during WW2 as it was in the flight path of one of the runways at Lindley airfield. Lindley airfield closed after the war and the spire was replaced, the join was still clearly visible for a long time afterwards though, it's just visible today if you know what to look for. The airfield is now the proving ground of the Motor Industry Research Association.

The Ashby Canal The Ashby Canal winds it's way round two sides of the village following the contour of the land. This photo was taken from the bridge where Station Road crosses the canal. Just round the corner is a marina and immediately the other side of the bridge looking the other way is the Ashby Boat Company who hire boats for holidays and day cruises.

Wykin Lane looking out of Stoke Wykin Lane leading, strangely enough, to Wykin village. It's also a route to Hinckley and the one I usually use by bike. It's not the quickest route by car but it's more pleasant to cycle down than Stoke Road and, for the place I used to work, cut of a big corner.

Wykin Lane looking into Stoke More or less the same spot but the other side of the road and looking the other way.

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